Meeting the Fox: The Allied Invasion of Africa, From Operation Torch to Victory in Tunisia

"Orr Kelly has dramatically brought to life the desert war by
masterfully weaving the view of higher headquarters with the pathos of
the foxhole. Meeting the Fox takes the reader on a gripping journey from
North Africa's beaches and drop zones, the practically forgotten
disaster at Sidi bou Zid, to the final battles in Tunisia. Meeting the
Fox is destined to rank among the best narrative histories on the
American experience in North Africa."
-- Patrick O'Donnell, author
of Beyond Valor and Into the Rising Sun

"An almost bullet-by-bullet, shell-by-shell account, Meeting the Fox offers
riveting personal experiences from those who fought the Axis forces
during the desperate campaign for North Africa."
--Gerald Astor,
historian and author of A Blood-Dimmed Tide and The Greatest War, Vols.

Dream's End : Two Iowa Brothers in the Civil War by Orr Kelly and Mary Davies Kelly

"The Kellys, a journalist and military historian and his genealogist wife, join forces to produce this admirable private's eye--actually two privates' eyes--view of the Civil War. The two were Iowa farmboys and Orr's great-uncles, and both were in uniform before turning 18. Andrew Brayman spent much of his service in hospitals, which the Kellys describe in vivid but never gratuitous detail, and was killed in a comparatively minor western battle that was rather a sideshow to an unnecessary campaign. Barney Brayman was initially luckier, joining the cavalry, but his luck ran out during the Atlanta campaign, when he was captured and sent to Andersonville. The captivity so damaged his health that he died of tuberculosis before he was 30. Some of the brothers' junior, but few of their senior, officers emerge creditably from the Kellys' account. The Brayman brothers, however, emerge from this excellent popular military history as persons one would have liked to know and who definitely deserved longer lives." Roland Green Copyright © 1998, From Booklist, American Library Association. All rights reserved

SEALS Eagle Force: Desert Thunder

A novel that crackles with timely excitement and riveting authenticity, "Desert Thunder" rockets the reader into the world of modern military special operations. When the Iraqis get hold of a weapon of devastating power -- a modified Russian-made Blackjack bomber with a terrifying capacity for wholesale destruction -- a beleaguered U.S. President sends a combined strike force of Navy SEALs and Air Force commandos into hostile territory to snatch the instrument of destruction from the enemy's clutches. But the mission's success is undone when a high level indiscretion puts the Blackjack in the hands of a diabolical mastermind with his own apocalyptic agenda. And now Eagle Force must save its country from a rain of hellfire more devastating than anything America has ever known.

SEALS Eagle Force: Eagle Strike

"Orr Kelly does a wonderful job with this book. It is definitely a page turner and no dull moments. If you like novels about the Seals you will love this one! Well worth the read." Kelley Peregin,

From a Dark Sky; The Story of U.S. Air Force Special Operations

"Orr Kelly has done an admirable job of not just telling the facts, but bringing the experiences of Air Force special operations to life."
 --Lt. Gen. LeRoy J. Manor USAF (ret.)

"From a Dark Sky is must reading for anyone interested in a complete history of Air Force special operations. From beginning to end,
Orr Kelly has written an important study of the air commandos." -Douglas C. Waller, author of  The Commandos

Never Fight Fair! Inside the Legendary U.S.Navy SEALs Their Own True Stories

"A fascinating history of the Navy SEALs, told through reminiscences, anecdotes, accounts of feuds, and actions misremembered
 and reinterpreted." - School Library Journal

"Their feats of arms as reported by Kelly arouse both additional respect for the SEALs and valuably expand knowledge about what
 goes into being a special-operations warrior." - Booklist

"The U.S. Navy's sea, air and land forces are something splendidly larger than life. Their derring-do exploits are captured in 48 oral histories....
 Well written and polished prose." -Indochina Chronology

"Relates what is really like to be a modern-day Navy SEAL-the good, the bad, and the ugly." -The Retired Officer Magazine

Brave Men, Dark Waters : The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs

"The best work to date on the SEALs." - Publishers Weekly

"Brave Men, Dark Waters is thought-provoking and informative. I offer it my highest praise." -Sen. William S. Cohen (former secretary of defense.).

"Kelly has written the most complete, in-depth study of this fabled elite unit. Recommended." -Library Journal

"Must reading for all special ops fans. An objective, well-documented account of where the Navy SEALs came from and where they are headed." -The Retired Officer Magazine

"Kelly does a good job balancing operational anecdotes with coverage of training and sense of historic text." -The Los Angeles Daily News

"For readers with an interest in operations, special forces and unconventional warfare, this book is must reading." -Military Review

Hornet: The Inside Story of The F/A-18

" a superbly written chronicle that provides a profound and gripping insight into the development of one of man's most sophisticated war birds." - Joe Weber, author of DEFCON One and Shadow Flight.

King of the Killing Zone: The Story of the M-1, America's Super Tank

"A superb job of reporting. This guy knows what he's talking about." - Tom Clancy

"A gripping Pentagon success story that must be read by anyone concerned with U.S. national security. Orr Kelly has written a classic." -Steven Emerson, senior editor, U.S. News & World Report.