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                       Meeting the Fox

Only eleven months after its entry into World War II, the United States launched the greatest amphibious assault in history, sending an army across the Atlantic, through storm-tossed waters, through a picket line of German submarines, to land in North Africa. As their unproven commanders struggled to match wits with the wily Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, 100,000 poorly equipped, undertrained, and inexperienced GIs battled their way across North Africa. Hobbled by inferior weaponry and an inexperienced officer corps, these green but courageous citizen soldiers clashed head-on with the fabled German Afrika Korps and Rommel, its legendary commander. Meeting the Fox tells the unforgettable tale of the men who transformed themselves, in the heat of battle, from a poorly organized army of convenience into a relentless and unstoppable fighting force.

                          SEALS Eagle Force:

In a world more dangerous than ever before, victories will be won with daring, swiftness, and stealth. Guadalcanal...The Solomons...The Coral Sea...The legendary Pacific battlegrounds of a bygone era are about to erupt again--as the U.S. Navy embarks upon a war of nerves and strategy against a powerful Chinese military machine. Meanwhile, in an impregnable compound in the mountains of New Zealand, a madman sets the world on the road to Armageddon with a brazen, unthinkable act: the kidnapping of the wife and son of the President of the United States. The Pacific is a lit fuse and only one group can put out the fire before it explodes: the Eagle Force, U.S. Navy SEALs is backed by a crack clandestine unit of Air Force special operatives. In an age when billionaires fund private terrorist armies and outlaws brandish nuclear arms, the time-honored rules of engagement have become obsolete. And a brave and able few, armed with the devastating firepower of many, must use any means necessary to win--as they leap fearlessly into the flames to perform an impossible rescue...and prevent a new World War from tearing the Earth to pieces.

SEALs Eagle Force: Desert Thunder SEALS Eagle Force: Desert Thunder

When the Iraqis get hold of a weapon with devastating power, a beleaguered U.S. President sends a combined strike force of Navy SEALs and Air Force commandos into hostile territory to snatch the instrument of destruction from the enemy's clutches. But the mission's success is undone when a high level indiscretion puts the weapon in the hands of a diabolical mastermind with his own apocalyptic agenda.

Dream's End Dream's End: Two Iowa Brothers in the Civil War, with  Mary Davies Kelly


There probably were not a pair of more ordinary Union soldiers than the Iowa farm boys Andrew Jackson Brayman and Edward Barney Brayman. Neither left any kind of written record of their service, but they had the good luck of having a sister whose grandson (veteran reporter Orr Kelly) and granddaughter-in-law (genealogist Mary Davies Kelly) would take an interest in their story one and a quarter centuries later. This carefully researched book makes use of regimental histories and other material to crack the mystery of where these two boys fought and how they died: one on an obscure Arkansas battlefield called Marks' Mill and the other off illness contracted in the notorious Andersonville prisoner of war camp. Along the way, the Kellys describe how typical soldiers lived and died. This is not a book of presidents and generals, but of men who fought and died and were largely forgotten. The ghosts of both Brayman boys rise from their patriot graves and come to life on these pages. Many Civil War histories pay little attention to the enormous sacrifices individuals and their families made during the War Between the States; Dream's End rightly places them front and center.

Never Fight Fair Never Fight Fair! Navy SEALs Stories of Combat and Adventure

Navy SEALs–and one SEAL wife–give a firsthand account of what it is like to go where few men dare to go, from diving into the depths of the ocean to jumping into the thin, frigid air seven miles above the earth. Their stories, direct from the mouths of members of this elite warrior force,  range from the humorous to the deadly.  

From a Dark Sky From a Dark Sky; The Story of U.S. Air Force Special Operations

Kelly does for U.S. Air Force Special Operations what he did for the SEALs in Brave Men--Dark Waters (1992) and does it just as well. He starts with his collective hero's early work supplying guerrillas in Burma and occupied Europe during World War II and proceeds to spy-dropping operations in Korea and then to Vietnam. In Vietnam, Air Force Special Operations really came into its own, with defoliation, air rescue, the use of gunships converted from C-47s, C-119s, and C-130s, and support of CIA activities. Since Vietnam, there have been dark moments such as the Iran hostage rescue and brighter ones such as the Panamanian affair and the Gulf War. Kelly relies heavily on interviews, many of them with the enlisted men who rode the rescue probes, loaded the guns, and guided the planes into landings on covert fields. A well-conceived and well-executed, well-deserved tribute to an uncommonly fine body of American warriors.

Brave Men, Dark Waters Brave Men, Dark Waters: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs

From the jungles of Vietnam to the shores of Panama to the sands of Iraq, the U.S. Navy SEALs are the most fearsome special operations force in the world. Now, drawing on extensive interviews and recently declassified files, here is the first in-depth look at this military elite. 8-page insert. HC: Presidio. (Military History) Synopsis Offering insight into their tactics and methods and examining their illustrious and sometimes scandalous past, this profile of the SEALs program looks at the origin, evolution, and future of this military elite. Reprint. Synopsis A detailed history of this elite and enigmatic military unit discusses the origins of the SEALs, their operations in every war since World War II, and their role in today's world. By the author of King of the Killing Zone.

Hornet Hornet: The Inside Story of The F/A-18

Hornet is the almost unbelievable story of how the Navy took the loser in the Air Force competition for a new fighter plane and, despite a series of setbacks--any one of which could have ended the program--turned the plane into a superb, first-line fighter-bomber that, on carrier decks today, is part of the nation's first line of defense.

King of The Killing Zone King of The Killing Zone: The Story of the M-1, America's Super Tank

King of the Killing Zone: The Story of the M-1, America's Super Tank, is the fascinating account of how a small group of Army officers and engineers fought against formidable odds--both political and technical--to produce a superior tank, now in use by the U.S. Army and Marines and a number of allied nations.